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This seminar examines the significance of normative gender identities portrayed in Talk to Her, a film by Director Pedro Almodovar. The focus would be on the psychoanalytic approach of how the patriarchal system places pressure on individuals who are identified by the concept of the “other” in society.   The seminar is an attempt at explaining the challenges toward patriarchal system which creates complex limitations and preconceptions about gender identity in the film.  The director of the film shows the interplay of the genders as delineated by the characters in the film going beyond the conventional assumption about masculinity and femininity.  Each character has a very complex, different and gender-bending identity role. Benigno and Marco represent patriarchal subjectivity in society. In contrast, Alicia and Lydia represent female subjectivity in society. They all show normative gender subjectivity.  The female position is presented as a passive state with submerged subjectivity.  Each of the four characters shows a marginalized aspect of their gender.  In the film, melodrama is used to problematize the feminine and masculine binary opposition. The storyline focuses on the four characters who are both physically and emotionally wounded and explores the difficulties of their emotional communication.