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Komar Research Center would like to invite you to an upcoming event on Sunday for a workshop on “Student Innovation Competition on Sustainable Energy 2017” that will be held with the cooperation of “Local Area Development Programme (LADP)” from United Nation Development Program and funded by the European Union.

Following is the outline for the event:

  1. Opening words by Komar University  (5 min).
  2. Introduction by UNDP (5 min)
  3. Presentation by Mr Osama Kassamani on the Sustainable use of Energy and addressing the Climate Change challenges.  (80 min) interactive session.
  4. Question & Answer  (30 min)

EU-­‐LADP has launched its sustainable energy innovation competition in Kurdistan region and invites university students to submit innovative projects that lead to less consumption of energy, reduction of CO2 and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and have beneficial economic and environmental impacts.

This is a unique opportunity for current student and/or graduated from 2014 to start their career in the field of sustainable energy.


In order to secure fair and objective competition, 4 main categories in which projects will be competing are identified:

  1. Resource conservation and/or energy efficiency
  2. Transport in cities
  3. Renewable energy sources
  4. Smart technologies

Evaluation Procedure:

The submitted projects will be evaluated by the Sustainable Energy Innovation Committee composed of a team of experts from EU-­‐LADP. The submitted innovation projects will be evaluated using an evaluation grid with selection criteria.


The award-­‐winning projects will be acknowledged with an award and presented to the general public, private sector and international donors.

Results are announced in July 2017. Two award-­‐winning projects with best evaluation scores will be awarded in each category. The first award is $1,500 and the second award is $1,000.

For information and application forms, please visit the programme Facebook account (Sustainable Energy Action Plan-SEAPs). (https://www.facebook.com/sustainableenergyactionplan/)

Send your projects to the following email (sustainable.energy.action.plan@gmail.com)

More information can be download about the event (Kurdish, English) and the competition (Student Innovation Competition-SEAP).