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Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering at Komar University of Science and Technology will host a workshop on ” New Technologies: Building and Construction Materials” by highly regarded engineer Dr Jwamer Omer Rahim on Monday, May 8th, 2017 in Auditorium Hall, E Building.


  1. Cold weather concreting.Hot weather Concreting.
  2. Hot weather Concreting.inds of concrete curing.
  3. Kinds of concrete curing.How to deal with concrete finishing.
  4. How to deal with concrete finishing.waterproofing and thermal insulation system in the buildings.
  5. Waterproofing and thermal insulation system in the buildings.kind of
  6. Kind of Epoxy and its application in the practice.
  7. How we cast big quantity of concrete?

Short bio of the speaker:

  • Civil Engineer
  • Dr Jwamer Omer Rahim
  • Doctoral of Civil Engineering
  • Specialised in Materials & Building Construction
  • Delegate of Ridge International UK Company in Iraq
  • Managing Director of Libro Construction Company