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The Project Management Certificate Program covers A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), which serves as the fundamental knowledge base for project management. Upon completion, you will satisfy the education requirements to sit for the Project Management Professional® Exam.

Our Target

Individuals in any discipline who work on projects in either the public or private sector will benefit from project management workshop, as well as those with more than 2 years work experience who are preparing to pursue career opportunities in the area of project management, the manager who oversees the project, the client who anxiously awaits for the completed project and the production team which gets the project up and running.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students enrolling in this workshop should be planning to lead a project (primary audience) or serve on a project team (secondary audience). For those seeking formal certification, this project management workshop partially satisfies the training requirements for candidates for the PMP qualification.

Program Benefits

  • Apply effective project management tools and techniques to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control, and close a project.
  • Satisfy the education requirements for PMP® certification
  • Develop a full understanding of the project goals, objectives and benefits before committing significant resources. This ensures that only the projects which are expected to provide benefits exceeding the investment of time and money are initiated.
  • Ensure that the project proceeds effectively through all the essential phases, from concept through to completion. This makes sure the project is properly reviewed by the stakeholders at key stages including initiation and final acceptance.
  • Provide a rigorous approach to defining a realistic, but still challenging, timescale and budget for completion of the project.
  • Establish a structured approach for clearly defining roles and responsibilities for the delivery of the project and its work packages. This is critical to building commitment to the project objectives.
  • Implement a systematic process to manage changes to the project scope or objectives. This minimizes the risks associated with the change to the end-product or to the benefits for the sponsors.
  • Project management workshop will teach you the importance of time and setting of goals and objectives. You will be able to prioritize these goals as well assist you making great use of your time.
  • You will know the remaining resources and needs of the company. This could be in the form of time, money or manpower. You can make use of project management training to help you determine how to estimate the resources that you will need in future projects and set realistic budgets.
  • You will learn how to produce documents for review. Every step before, during and on completion of the project should be documented. This will ensure a solid record that you can refer to or verify during the review. Project management training will provide you with the skills that you need in producing well-documented project completion proofs.


This project management course covers nine project management knowledge areas and the activities in each of the five processes of Project Management (PM), namely Initialising, Planning, Executing, Controlling and Closing. You will learn how to:

  1. Clearly, define scope, and manage changes to it.
  2. Develop a realistic schedule which meets the project owners’ constraints.
  3. Prepare a plan; understand its purpose and why it comprises more than just a schedule.
  4. Identify the project’s quality objectives and implement appropriate controls to ensure they are achieved.
  5. Develop status reports which reflect reality.
  6. Identify and continually manage risks which could de-rail your project.
  7. Manage stakeholders to ensure they remain committed to and involved with the project.
  8. Control external groups on which the project is dependent.
  9. Ensure they obtain the appropriate resources for the project which will raise confidence in achieving the goals.
  10. Build effective teams which are committed to the project goals.
  11. Evaluate performance of the team.
  12. Estimate and control project budgets.


This project management course covers the following topics:

Workshop 1

Project Management Areas


  • Integration Management.
  • Scope Management.
  • Time Management.
  • Cost Management.
  • Quality Management.
  • Human Resource Management.
  • Communications Management.
  • Risk Management
11:00-16:00 Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Workshop 2

Project Management: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

  • WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)
  • MS Project Training
11:00-16:00 Wednesday, April 12th, 2017


Certificate Eligibility and Requirements

To earn the Project Management Certificate at KUST, participants must complete 10 hours of instruction.

Language: The workshop will be conducted in the English language

Number of available seats: 15

Participants Fees: The workshop will be free of charge

Registration deadline: April, 5th 2017

Address: College of Business Komar University of Science and Technology ASarchinar-Qularaise District, Sulaymania City, Kurdistan Region- Iraq


Please download the form from HERE.

Fill and email it to Dr. Govand Anwar at govand.anwar@komar.edu.iq