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The workshop’s main goal is to explain the importance of training in the sector of marketing and customer service for small & medium sized businesses. Therefore, the target audience is the small & medium sized company managers, shops managers, sales managers, customer service representatives

The form of this workshop will be two-folded:

  • Presentation of the major aspect and principles of the topics; intertwined with group exercises discussions.

About the instructor:

  • Master’s degree from Tampere University. Finland, in the field of communications studies, which includes commercial communications.
  • An eight-year experience in teaching at Sulaimani University and Polytechnic of Sulaimani.
  • Two-year management experience in Asiacell marketing department.
  • Five-year management experience in Halabja Group marketing and customer care operations.
  • Teaching at Komar University of Science and Technology for the last two years in the fields of marketing and organizational behavior, talent of communication, research methodology, and critical thinking.

Certificate Eligibility and Requirements

To earn the Workshop Certificate at KUST, participants must complete all workshop instruction.

Language: The workshop will be conducted in the English language with Kurdish and Arabic languages support

Number of available seats: 15

Participants Fees: The workshop will be free of charge

Registration deadline: April 20th, 2017

Address: College of Business Komar University of Science and Technology ASarchinar-Qularaise District, Sulaymania City, Kurdistan Region- Iraq


Please download the form from HERE.

Fill and email it to Mrs. Chra Ghafoor at chra.gahfoor@komar.edu.iq