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Toward sustainability: democratise forecasting for decision making

This project aims to ‘train the trainers’ in the form of university students, academics and professionals on the principles of forecasting using R software to support decision-making. The ultimate goal of this project is to train 1,000 individuals, over 5 years in 30 countries in the world. The idea is to focus on less favourite regions on the planet such as Africa, Asia and South-America.

Objective of the project:

  • To democratize forecasting and provide decision makers with a tool that is effective, valid and reliable to support decisions in organizations
  • To provide high quality and up-to-date training in forecasting and data analysis and promote the use of open source tools such as R and RMarkdown
  • To promote volunteering among academic staffs and researchers with a focus on less developed countries in Africa, Asia and South-America

This workshop covers a range of forecasting methods often applied in organizations to help decision makers take a better decision by having an estimation of the future. It explains the theoretical background behind them, reveals their strengths and limitations and apply them to produce forecasts using R statistical software as a forecasting tool.
Assuming basic knowledge of statistics and through a step-by-step approach from theory to practice, participants will learn:

  • The importance of forecasting and its relation to decision making in public organizations, private sector, governments, non-for-profit organizations, etc;
  • How to prepare data, explore and visualize them using R
  • The theory behind forecasting models and;
  • How to use R functions and their packages related to forecasting models;
  • How to analyze data, produce forecasts and evaluate their accuracy across a range of statistical forecasting models using real-world data;
  • How to visualize, export and report results for interpretation and insights.

Tea, coffee, and confectionary are included in the workshop during break times. The launch will not be provided to participants.

The workshop program can be download HERE

Registration is FREE, and please click HERE for registration